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Forum Guidelines

Postby LunaticsAdmin » Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:56 pm

This is a moderated forum for discussions related to the Lunatics! project. Please try to keep the discussion relevant.

General Guidelines for Good Forum Behavior

  • Read the forum rules: you're expected to check this section for policy changes when updates are made.
  • Post in the right place. Since we're just starting, I've made a very simple forum structure, but if traffic warrants it, the site will be broken down into smaller forums, whose subjects you'll need to pay attention to.
  • Be respectful and polite. I have spelled this out in more detail below.
  • No harrassment, bullying, or hateful speech will be tolerated. Ethnic, gender-based, or LGBT-targeted harassment will be shut down and deleted immediately and may result in immediate banning from the forum, depending on the severity.
  • Don't use foul or explicitly-sexual language or graphically violent or sexual images. Content should be consistent with PG-13 or broadcast television guidelines and should be reasonable for general audiences. Kids may be reading this.
  • We do not have the means to comply with federal regulations on collecting children's information on this site. By registering, you assert that you are over 13 years old. You should not reveal personally-sensitive data (like addresses, financial account numbers, etc) unless you are old enough to be responsible for this choice, and please consider the range of consequences of this information being exposed publicly.
  • Most forum content will be visible to anonymous guests. Exceptions are the production forums and private messages. We can't be held responsible for keeping anything you post in a forum secret. Think of it as a public place, where you might be overheard.
  • Don't be bossy. We have moderators. Don't try to act like one, please. If you think a post is in violation of our guidelines, please tell a moderator. Moderator status is by invitation only and is a special talent and skillset.
  • We are advocates of free-culture, not piracy. Please don't post 3rd-party content in violation of copyright, beyond fair-use limitations. Our free-culture advocacy is much more effective when we play by the rules.
  • Don't turn advocacy into hatefulness. Singing the praises of Linux or free-film is just fine, but bashing Windows or Hollywood is not our point. Go to TechDirt for that kind of thing -- it's a much bigger and better platform anyway. Yes, we understand that you might need to make comparisons, but let's stay focused on the positive, that's all.
  • Please post in English. This is the common language for this project, and will be understood. Posting in other languages tends to exclude other users. Also, if the moderators see content they can't read, they will likely treat it as spam. Obviously, there are some cases where other languages will be appropriate in a post, but please include a little context in English for us.
  • Use a good subject line, especially when starting a topic, so people can easily tell what it's about.
  • Don't hotlink images from other sites, unless you control that site. This is a rude behavior, because it exploits the bandwidth on the originating server.
  • Please don't challenge the moderators. Yes, they can delete or edit your posts if the situation calls for it. You have freedom of speech, but we are not under any obligation to publish your speech.
  • We'll do our best to keep things civil, but we cannot be everywhere all the time. Nasty things may slip through, and we can't be held responsible for that.

Topics that are definitely good:

  • The "Lunatics!" series itself
  • Free culture
  • Film
  • Science Fiction
  • Space exploration or development
  • Art, Literature, or Music

I don't want to harshly cut-off other subjects that might come up, but there are some topics that are almost certainly NOT okay:

  • Partisan political ranting
  • Campaigning
  • Spamming
  • Religious fanatacism, including atheism
  • Attacks on any religion, inciluding atheism
  • Cat photos
  • Conspiracy theories

(For those things we have Facebook!)

This production is being put together by people from several different nations with very different religious and political backgrounds. I do not believe that any purpose is served by polarizing discussion on these topics. I think the best thing we can do here for world peace and prosperity is to make good art. That goal is served by us cooperating and respecting each other.

That being said, there are some values we definitely espouse here, and if you are not comfortable with these, then you probably don't want to be here anyway. We believe in the basic soundness of science as a way of understanding the world. We are not interested in conspiracy theories: no "moon hoax", "UFO", "alien abduction", or "young earth"/"creationist" posts will be tolerated. It's a given that this is a pro-space-development site. Criticism will be tolerated up to a point, but if your thesis is "space development is bad, we shouldn't leave the Earth", then why are you here? Nor is this a good place to share your religious convictions (including atheism!). Space advocates are found across a wide range of political beliefs ranging from fascism to communism and from libertarianism to authoritarianism. These issues may even be relevant to "Lunatics!" storylines. However, if a conversation devolves into partisan bickering, it'll be locked. Name-calling along the lines of "libtard" or "Rethuglican" will not be tolerated.

Ethnic or gender based harrassment, intolerance, rudeness, or bullying will be dealt with very harshly and quickly. You can expect to get banned if you engage in this kind of activity.

Offending posts will be treated as either spam or trolling (depending on how aggressive they are) and deleted. Users who post such content will receive a warning, and if the behavior is repeated, they will be banned. If something is borderline, we may only delete it and tell the user, rather than treating it punitively.

It is acceptable to talk about other free-culture projects and to share opportunities with them, as long as this doesn't become excessive. If there is enough such traffic, we'll create a separate board for that.

It is possible on a forum of this type to encounter creepy "stalking" behavior such as personal messaging (PMs) that seem inappropriate. These may be hard to track. If you experience such problems, please inform a moderator immediately so we can do something about it before it gets out of hand. Sometimes these are just misunderstandings. Sometimes they are bots or spammers who we'll just block. And sometimes they are genuinely creepy people who we want to keep as far away from our site as possible.
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Re: Forum Guidelines

Postby Terry Hancock » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:08 am

Since our CAPTCHA is apparently not adequate and we are getting a lot of spambot registrations, I have now switched registration to require Administrator approval. This is just a formality to keep out the bots.
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